An unsent letter to a stranger.

We were lying close together on the floor beside the water. We raised our beer bottles as we celebrated our life and love. You talked about the future. We talked about having a family, about having small number of children and where we are going to raise them. You even said we are going to marry twice that I actually thought you were kidding. One my way and one your way. We are going to build our home in a place with a nice garden where we can have bbq, lunch and dinners together with our children. It was a tickle to the soul. All I did is smile at you. You were certain it is me and you. Stars aligned for me that night.

I have a heavy feeling in my chest. I felt it every day. You’ve changed…like I don’t know you anymore. Your rythmn, your mind, your heart and your soul.

I don’t know you anymore.

Is it me or it is you who have actually changed?Maybe it’s just because I started to care more about what you think and how you feel?

Is it my own ghost haunting me?

We’ve drifted apart.

You have awaken my insecurities. I used to know how you feel, what you were thinking, what you’d do. Now you’re just a stranger that’s squeezing my heart.

Do you still love me?

As I looked at myself in front of the mirror, I see a lonely reflection. This is where distance brought us. My heart hurts and my soul is slowly dying. Our love turned into poison, killing both of us slowly. I don’t know, maybe it’s only me. I am lost. I don’t know where else to go.

You have been my home but now I can no longer come to you.


I woke up angry this morning.

“It’s sick. I see images that are inexistent. Exaggerated thoughts slowly killing my sanity. My drinks were poured all over the poor girl the same way she was to him. I couldn’t watch. I won’t. It made me sick. 

It brought out the beast in me. 

Why did I doubt him when he have shown me so much love? I don’t own him. If he wants to go away, nothing can stop him. He’s a man of choices not a slave.”

I woke up angry this morning. I woke up without him by my side. My anger is fresh like the alcohol in my system. He slept outside the bedroom. He went to me and embraced me but my feelings wouldn’t go away. I stood up and tried to divert my attention. I cleaned the apartment. It gave me moment to think better than I was last night.

I thought about the woman. I felt sorry. I could have acted way way better if I didn’t drink too much. I thought about my actions. Myself turned once again into a stranger.

He told me to stop what I was doing. Practically telling me to forget what happened and just lie down together. I was still angry for a reason-no longer of his actions but mine.

When I’m angry, my mind is close. I don’t see things or hear things except for my own voice. It needs a little time and it will surely pass when left untamed. Like some problems everyone deal with everyday. Sometimes all it need is time and diversion until the tension passed.

What do they say about “face your problems and find solutions”? —Sometimes all it need is time and space to breathe. 

It’s not that you are going away with it or wasting time being ridiculously angry but to calm the mind and heart down so you can think better.

No matter how bad things would go. I learned that I shouldn’t place decisions in my hands. No one should ever be treated like they were possesions. We can only have what they wish to give. We can’t always get what we want.

We are free to do what we want except that we are not free not to love. If a person want to go away, let him. If he comes back then he decided to belong to love.

I read a beautiful quote about love today.

“Everyone says love hurts, but that is not true. Loneliness hurts. Rejection hurts. Losing someone hurts. Envy hurts. Everyone gets these things confused with love, but in reality love is the only thing in this world that covers up all pain and makes someone feel wonderful again. Love is the only thing in this world that does not hurt.” -Liam Neeson

In a relationship


You have to open your mind just as you opened your heart. People are not possessions. You can only have what they wish to give. You can’t keep controlling things make them happen your way. It’s just going to drain all your energy and won’t let each other grow.

Do not let your partner choose between you over anything. You are supposed to help them choose which one is better for them but still not your decision to make. The only thing that is constant in this world is change and the best thing you can do is to embrace it. If they cheat on you, if you can’t let it go, then let them go. The reason why people tend to end up getting married to someone they love less is because they are scared of what it do to them. They want security over the unknown endless adventure.

Before you win a battle, you must fight first.


Some people would rather lose the relationship than argument. Winner stands alone like those soccer players with millions of fans screaming their names out loud on field but then they come home and feel alone when they go to bed. You don’t have to win to win a fight. Sometimes backing down is the best way to gain something worthwhile.


Let’s say you are some kind of a wagon. No matter how far away the distance you made in between,  you know you will end up on the same direction. Don’t kill each other’s dream just because you both wanted to take the same path. People were born with different dreams. You are supposed to be the key to the machine not someone to break it. Some people are lucky to find someone who will take the same path with them. Some need extra patience and trust until they reached the intersection once again. Love a person close to you but you must also learn to love them from a distance. There’s nothing more beautiful than seeing someone you love feel alive.


Mostly after all those chemicals your bodies produced started slowing down, your differences will starts showing up. You started fighting. You realized your partner doesn’t like many things you like. Even so, there are people who are better in showing what they feel rather than saying it. There are also those who like to hear or see rather than feel. Sometimes it’s already obvious yet you still ask them if there’s something wrong. Always try to understand and communicate depending on which type of a person your partner is, maybe your partner is someone who like to see, someone who like to hear or maybe someone who like to feel things to understand them better. Pay attention.

Anyway, when you love, you just give it. You don’t love just to make conditions. You should be grateful if the person loves you back.

Questions to ask  before you quit your relationship.

“The reflection of a man’s love can be seen on a woman’s face.”

—–That’s right, don’t fool yourself, if there’s something wrong with how he makes you feel, you have to slow down. No matter how much love you have for this person , if there’s something wrong, something’s WRONG. Don’t force yourself to fit in a piece of puzzle that’s not meant for you. 

Love can be very tricky, sometimes it’s a battle between loving yourself or loving your partner. Especially when you’re not compatible in many ways. So much things to compromise, sometimes you get lucky to find a person who will take the same road with you. 

How do you feel today? Do you feel like a machine that’s been kept away from your functions and keys has been thrown away as soon as things got more serious in your relationship? Or a machine that’s been overused and need some time to rest to put back things together with you? The question is, is the love enough to fill all  things up? 

If not, you better reconsider. Here are the reasons why you should leave. Go on with your life, and don’t ever repeat the same mistakes, instead learn from all of it.

1. Are you unhappy most of the time? Quit.       

–your thoughts when busy, it reflects on your face, in your actions, in all your decisions, you get confuse even on a simple question, “Where do you want to eat?”, “What do you want to do?” Theres only one person who can tell why you’re unhappy, and it’s yourself. Don’t force yourself to stay because of your love for him. Love ain’t always enough. I believe they are what they are, and you are what you are, if you try to put someone’s size on you when it doesn’t suit you, big chances are you’re not happy with it or you break it. 

2. Are you better alone?   

  — have you seen your photos lately? Carry on, scan your photos from your memory, are you satisfied with how your living your life at the moment?do you think you can do better than how you feel now? If you know you’re gonna be more productive and effective as a person being out of the relationship, it’s a sign. You don’t get the nutrients your body needs that’s why you get sick, same in love, you don’t get all the love you need. Take a deep breathe, telling yor partner what’s lacking when he’s insensitive, can work sometimes, but mostly, it doesn’t. You’re not supposed to explain or ask your needs, if you’re partner knows you enough and cares enough about how you feel, he should know what to do. As women, we have shallow happiness, a stem of flower, a new cook book, or kisses on the cheek, they are not impossible to give. He’s the missing piece of your heart, remember? He should know how to make “his” heart happy if he cares about it. 

3. Is it worth it? 


—there’s no more things to consider aside from all the memories and those  ideal future plans you built together and that love only you understands. Your partner has another definition of love and it’s sickening explaining something simple to a person with a different language from time to time.  If you’re willing to deal with the same shit everyday, then go ahead. Keep holding on and hold tighter! But if you’re in doubt when you think of your future with him and you know you’re gonna be unhappy for the rest of your life because it’s gonna be an unhealthy relationship, ofcourse you won’t let that, stop it and let each other find the right person. It’s not easy because the person meant the world once but let go of everything. Say yes to a happier you. It’s not worth it to stay in a situation you know won’t last long. 

Every lyrics from the song “All of me” by John legend made for his wife is a sign of a passionate love and you feel every word being sang was real, the experiences and that’s what makes people like it because it hits. “…even when I lose, I’m winning”. 

To men: Her win is also your victory. Her laughter’s your laughter too. Your love to her reflects on her. If you win her heart, you win the world.    


How to move on quickly after break-up?

         This topic is quite sensitive because this is between you and your emotion. The reason why you ended up here is because you need some advise on how to get rid of that shitty feeling you have inside your chest, I’ll help but you need to help yourself out too honey, Okay?

When I was in grade school, my teacher taught me about the stages of grieving, in other words, the stages where one has to forget something painful.  However, it depends how much time a person spent in every stage, how heavy the situation is and the willingness to move on, but don’t worry, eventually you will, it’s only a matter of time. Originally, I would write the five steps in grieving process, First, DENIAL, ANGER, BARGAINING, DEPRESSION and finally ACCEPTANCE but since it’s stereotypical to discuss these steps over and over again to anyone, I will help you out by sharing my personal advise on how to deal with it. 


-List all the ugly things about the person and all the other things that makes you feel worst with that person while being in the relationship. Check out the bad habits, the values, physical, the way he make you feel, the ugly mannerisms, whatever. Anything that can make the person look ugly in your eyes. You’re hurt, you need to do this until you finally ask yourself, why did I even end up with this monster?


– So you can’t let go because you’re still in-love with your ex? So do you want to have your ex back out of sympathy? Do you honestly believe that you can make things work this time? Aside from wasting both of your time, you’re also postponing both progress and who knows? While you’re busy with all the begging for attention, you also let amazing things pass? And not only that, it’s just very selfish and pathetic to emotionally blackmail a person like what I’ve watched from ID channel, about murderers who ended up serving their lives in prison because they believed in the famous saying: “If I can’t have you, then no one can!”That is another level of psychopathic activity. Go see a doctor. If this is what you do, it’s extremely selfish and pathetic, don’t even continue reading my blog.


 -Take the mirror, Tell me what you see. Do you see a person or a pathetic monkey? Go fix your hair, take a  shower, clean your room, go to the gym, take advantage of the situation, it’s a good motivation and perfect momentum to make over and become an endangered creature.  After this, you’ll see how everyone will be like with you once you’re looking like a kick-ass-single and ready-or-not-ready to mingle-(doesn’t matter)-they will mingle anyway. 

4. GO OUT. 

So it’s over? It hurts because it sucks to start all over again and that no matter how much you wanted the person for your future and the amount of time with that person, it just can’t anymore because it’s not gonna work.  Like you have never slept on the same bed and never knew each other. Being Strangers again. What you can do is go out with your friends, go out with anyone, it doesn’t matter, just go out and see something new.  See the world, open doors, refresh your self. All the things you were wishing to do alone, this is your chance. No matter how ugly the situation is, I guarantee, you will always find good reasons that it happened, and stick to those reasons, think of it over and over again. Imagine if you would get back together, then what, break up again?  It’s like playing flappy birds, it’s feels good to pass at least 10 to many pipes, but to hit the same pipe over and over again and always end up to level one? Don’t waste time, Go play another game.


No matter how nasty this way is, it always worked. Find a rebound. After few months you will be completely fine. Just be careful.


You’ve already wasted enough time with the person, please save yourself. Do something more sensible, be you, enjoy your freedom, change your way, be the ultimate independent happy woman-all over again. Pick up your pieces and create a new more interesting masterpiece. AND DON’T ever lose yourself again. 

  And for all pain, there’s always an amazing lesson and beautiful impact in your life to be stronger and better and wiser, you have to face every damn pain to appreciate sweet life and never ever give up on yourself.   Life is beautiful depending on what perspective you are facing, always find a good reason to love life, and life will love you back. We are humans, we fall in-love, we get hurt and hurt people, that’s the way it is, we have to be tough and get familiar with the system of being us.  


Do Long Distance Relationships Work?

        Since many of LDR cases are unsuccessful, many people become pessimistic about it. I want to share my thoughts regarding LONG DISTANCE RELATIONSHIPS because no one can predict the future but we can make decisions base on  the informations we have right now. The moment you click this topic is the moment you doubted your relationship and since you’re already here, I would like to share you the reality, good or bad about about having a Long Distance Relationship.

photo grabbed from @topthatpose
photo grabbed from @topthatpose

Let’s start with Paolo Coelho’s quote:

   “I’ve learned that waiting is the most difficult bit, and I want to get used to the feeling, knowing that you’re with me, even when you’re not by my side.”

-you have to get used to it, you must show your there with your partner wether you’re together or far away, you have to exchange positive outlook about the relationship. If Long Distance Relationships during the old era made possible by letters, then how couldn’t it be possible with this modern era, where both can exchange messages just seconds away? I know being together is still different but both needs to communicate as much as you can. That way, you might not be together but you can both feel each other’s presence.

-next thing you do is to deal with your doubts. Do you trust your yourself and your partner? Everyone is capable of cheating. We are humans, we have feelings and sexual urges.  If couples who are together managed to have extra affairs, so is LDR’s. And it is important to be transparent on everything you do, wether you are out with your friends, tell your partner you’re out with your friends, call or send a snap when you’re already home. In order to avoid the things from happening, you must set goals like meet few times in half a year depends on how you fix this with your partner. It’s good when you have something to look forward to that can hold you back yourselves from doing something stupid. 

  • Set a future plan, you don’t have to be accurate but at least show that the relationship is heading somewhere.When can you live together finally, how long does it take? In 3 years?,4?5? It make things difficult and blurry when there’s no plan set. No one wants to wait in vain.

I will share you another Paolo Coelho’s quote:

“Waiting is painful. Forgetting is painful. But not knowing which to do is the worst kind of suffering.” 

If you have already started having an affair and started acting weird, and you know you’re gonna do it again, it’s tough but you have to tell he truth unless you want to lie from further damage to another until you’ve reach the point that both can’t even look at your shadows anymore. If you don’t want to lose each other, keep what you still have left, respect. 

-Give sometime to heal, develop a good friendship, and keep the communication with both. One day, if things are better, mature and different and when both haven’t found what you’re looking for wherever you are around the globe and realised that you have actually been with the right person in un-perfect time, then it’s still possible to renew what you have left then take it back, in a way you’re no longer just lovers but also friends.  And even if you won’t be together, you still have respect for each other as friends.

That’s how Long Distance Relationship works. If you’re asking me if it works, I can’t tell you that. 

Why does your partner never posted your photos together?

‘We don’t have to tell the world we’re in-love or whatever we are feeling for each other, the most important thing is that we know we love each other and I trust him.’ —That’s right, but wether we like it or not, we are now living in an Internet era where most people spend more time on the Internet more than the ones closer to them. Even business meetings are already being done on the Internet nowadays. Many couples even meet each other on social applications. The Internet has provided everyone an easy way to connect to people, hit on them, to easily flirt and find a partner. How can some people ignore this issue when it actually affects relationships? I have seen couples fighting over photos being accidentally shown on their profiles. Husband and wives separated because of Facebook messages. What if you found out that your partner has been exchanging flirty messages to the exes and other people? Is it still just some skin deep issue? When it matters, it matters. Don’t ignore.

Let’s give you all the possible reasons why your partner never posted your photos together even if he/she’s always online, always uploading selfies, posting selfies with other people and never posted photos of both of you. (But posted photos of him/her and the ex before and I’m not trying to manufacture drama in your head, I just want to point out that if you give your partner a chance and others a chance to cheat on you, then it’s okay to play cool.) There’s nothing wrong about letting the world know about your relationship, if it’s not a big deal if he/she doesn’t post your photos, it’s also not a big deal to post it anyway.

  1. Your partner doesn’t want the ex to know that s/he’s already in a relationship. –it possible that your partner just broke up with the ex or yet still about to break up or still have feelings and there’s a possibility to get back together.

  2. Your partner is trying to protect you from the ex to avoid the ex from making drama, insulting you and hurting you emotionally and physically.

  3. You partner doesn’t want the world to know that he/she’s taken so s/he can still get attention from people who wants to flirt with him/her.

  4. He/she is not proud to have you and only use you for sex and company.

  5. Your partner is still not yet decided if he/she is ready into more serious step.

  6. You’re not the only one.

  7. Your partner is hiding something so s/he can prevent people from having a any contact with you. (Maybe s/he’s have a background on his/her exes that you are not supposed to know)

  8. Your partner’s job requires him/her to be single. (Which you should know and explain you why, and trust you that you would understand)

  9. Your partner doesn’t want to flaunt everyone your butt and have a way to flirt with you.

  10. S/he doesn’t want to lose or get you followers because of him/her.

  11. Your partner thinks it’s too cheesy to show everyone your photos together.

  12. It makes people think s/he’s needy. (or less of a man)

But it’s still best to talk to your partner and tell your insecurities than making things up or jumping out into conclusions. If it bothers you, tell your partner. Don’t be scared, you’ll feel better afterwards. 😉

And If you can think more reasons why, feel free to add through comment box. Questions, criticisms, dilemmas and reasons are all welcome. 🙂


Why did he dumped me? Why did he disappear and suddenly dating a new girl? Why didn’t it work and told me we can be friends instead? So many why’s. Here’s probably WHY.

1. YOU PUT TOO MUCH MAKE-UP -it’s okay, you want to look beautiful that’s why you put make -up but don’t overdo it. Enhance but don’t paint your face with a new face. Guys are scared of women with caked up face. They assumed your face will turn into something different in the mornings.

2.YOU FLIPPED ALL YOUR CARDS.  -It is important that women never ever loses their mystery. Always keep it fresh and exciting. You want to look sexy? Impressed him with your simplicity and elegance. Whatever you do, whatever you wear, if he is attracted to you, you need no sexy dress, an elegant or simple casual dress is sexier than showcasing your business to everyone. Once you have given him all your best shots, you become boring.

3. YOUR MOUTH IS NASTY AND LOUD. – stop cursing. Some women just don’t know how to carry themselves. It’s not attractive if  a girl sounds like she can burry anyone with her mouth before they actually die. Talking loud, cursing every other second. Leave some room for self-respect, woman!

4. YOU PUT TOO MUCH PERFUME.- Men love natural scents just like how we love men’s masculine scent. How can he squeeze and hug you at night when he can’t even breath because your perfume is killing him?

5. YOU’RE TOO MANLY.– it’s alright, he get it, you’re not lady like, but why do you need a man if you’re already a man yourself? Don’t be aggressive all the time. Ladies are known to be caring, sweet and bubbly, do not forget this elements.

6. YOU WERE IMMATURE – Men hate women who never really developed maturity, like they have to baby sit all the time. Spoiled bitches, always want to have want they want. Men love women who are sensitive,mature and funny. Someone they can bring with them in any occasions, everywhere and wouldn’t have to worry all the time. See the reasons why they always had to lie about where they are going?

7. YOU WERE A DRAMA QUEEN– who wants to be with a woman who is always stressed? who whines about her life all the time, always talking about problems, always lonely, always making drama. It’s draining to be with a woman with lots of issues like this.

8. YOU WERE SELFISH.– Don’t be bitter. Stop lying and cheating because you don’t want to lose. The moment you cheated or lied is the moment you actually throw away your value.

9.YOU WERE NAGGING.– Men’s best enemy, nagging your man like he is your son. Sometimes silence is enough to say you’re not convinced if you can’t talk it out properly.

10. YOU HAVE SO MUCH OF YOURSELF. – Imagine how big the world is and how tiny you are in it, but for some people, they just feel like they are the centre of the world. The world is different without them. Enough of talking and promoting yourself. If he asked you to tell him something about yourself, then that’s your time to shine. 🙂

11. YOU WERE NOT BEING YOURSELF. – you started a relationship pretending to be someone you were not and as the time passed on, your true color came out. In the end you’re going to have a hard time maintaining all those lies you have built and eventually your true color will come out. Embrace your own skin, your status, the things that you do. Stop lying.

12. YOU WERE CLINGY– boys just like girls want something that they can’t have. Don’t always be around him. Don’t be too dependent on him with all your feelings and all your plans. If you can’t control yourself, go out with your friends.

13. YOU WERE TREATING HIM LIKE HE WAS YOUR SUGAR DADDY– your boyfriend or date is not your dad. Sometimes your dad can’t even buy you the things you want. Stop asking him to buy you things. Wait till he gives you voluntarily. Never ever ask.

14. ENOUGH OF TALKING ABOUT YOUR EX- -ofcourse, who wants listen about your ex-boyfriends’? Move on girl.

15.YOU WERE TOO EASY – You were always available for him, on sex, on everything. Like any guy can run you on his dick. Don’t give in so easily, guys don’t stick around that long with an easy woman.



MIND-BLOWING TRUTH: TOP 10 women’s favourite body parts of MEN.

               Here’s an article that can give you an idea what you need to improve to make women go crazy about you. February is the month love, not just for couples but also for singles looking for love. February is  the perfect time to search for love or love will search for you. But before that, here’s a little homework you need to focus on improving to make the search for partner easier for you. Below are the top common answers of 100 women about their top 10 favorite men’s part and their answers was quite interesting and actually kind of blew me away.


– most women are attracted to men with larger and well-defined eyes. In law of attraction, they have this things called eye-game where they learn to pick up girls just by eye contacts. Our eyes are the windows of our souls they say, eyes can tell a lot of things about you, the eyes can send messages that mouth cannot speak.  Just a tip: when you look at her, give her a complimenting look and not like you want to eat her.


-Yes, they call it delicious when a guy’s mouth smells clean, nice set of teeth, soft tongue and smooth lips. Kisses for women are like eating chocolate fresh from the fridge, when it’s good and the after taste sticks to our mouth, we wanted more. A delicious mouth comes with good kisses. Relax your tongue when giving kisses, move it like your trying to melt chocolates inside your mouth. One tip I found to have a soft and kissable lips:

1. Mix a little bit of olive oil with some sugar in a small bowl. Experiment with the quantities until the mixture is pasty in consistency.

2. Gently rub the mixture on your lips with a washcloth, massaging in circular motions. The longer you rub in the mixture, the more intensely you will exfoliate your lips.

3. Rinse the mixture off with warm water (try cupping your hands). Because all of the ingredients are non-toxic, swallowing a small amount of the scrub is not dangerous.

4. Remember to rehydrate the sensitive skin you just exposed by putting on your favourite lip balm to finish it off. Your lips should feel soft and silky smooth.


– They said man’s hands says a lot about him, and it’s not the myth we know but it’s about what he does for a living and on his spare times. A woman I asked even told me that sometimes she would put his finger in her mouth to add more heat during intercourse! You better keep those hands clean and safe(Tip cute nails) then.


-common mistakes of men, working too much on the upper-body but so lazy when it comes to running or doing leg exercises. Women would look at a man from the upper to the lower body parts.  You’d not work your upper-body out appear like Johnny Bravo.


– Women love when a guy has well-sculpted shoulders. It is a sign of masculinity and strength. Wide well-defined shoulders makes women wanna nibble on them like nibbling with superman.

photo taken from google(Magic Mike)                            photo taken from google(Magic Mike)


– of course this gonna come out on the list. Big biceps also symbolizes strength, it also means a man can perform heavy tasks or can handle heavy duties and know how to take care of himself including putting back broken bed together. A strong man have strong arms. Even during the ancient times before a man can marry a woman, he had to established strength to the parents and her like hunting or sword combats.


– women would like to see ‘6 packs’ on men’s tummies and when I say six packs, I’m not referring to the 6 packs of beer bellies. One of the side comments made cracked me up saying: ‘Aside from it’s sexy when you can watch and touch his flat tummy, it’s also easier if there’s no belly you need to lift so you can put it in’. Well, haha


– Just like men, women also want to see something on men’s chest. Women also fantasize what’s behind those shirts. Chiseled chest are sexy, like an epitome of the gods of Greece. Women feel safe and more comfortable when they could rest their heads over the man’s chest.


– I was not surprise when this came out on the list after all those parts above were mentioned. A woman commented that she was discouraged to go down to him when she thinks she had to spit in curls just to clean it up all the time. So guys, you need to develop a proper hygiene, wash regularly, eat right. You wouldn’t want to do the work all the time, do you? If you want a more exciting and steamier sex life make sure you established a hygienic habit to her.

-Women also said that it has nothing to do with the size wether its small or big, it has something to do with the right size that fits her and if you’re well groomed paired with great performance. Better start reading tips then how to make a woman happy.


– get that ass back to the gym and start doing some power SQUATS. Women love men who have buffed butts. If you’re wondering why, it is because women believed that when a man has a big butt means he has a longer stamina on sexual intercourse because he works his ass out( can also be taken literally). Women assume that when a man has  fluffy butt, he is lazy man both in bed and in real life works. Start working on your little butt. This will make a different impression.

I was surprised to hear interesting genuine answers and really had a great time reading all their side comments. I didn’t expect it to be Very funny and sometimes really dirty, especially because I’m a girl and they more open and also when I told them there will be no names to be published.

I’m thankful to those who spent time to answer and gave me an interesting article. Feel free to comment or share this article to give them boys some idea.

For guys, help me make my blog better and feel free to suggest me a topic you would like to read on my blog! 🙂

Oh boy, she’s definitely into you.

I’ve been observing women’s behaviors/movements for a couple of months, how women are when into a guy. How my girlfriends or strangers either in a bar or over dinner react on men they like. There are things that women do when we are attracted to a guy obvious or unconscious. It’s pretty obvious sometimes.
Photographed by: Pao Sanchez- Dalisay

Although I’m not saying EVERYONE but most women. So ladies, correct me if I’m wrong, you must read this to keep it low and for men here’s your chance to know about this codes women can’t avoid to do when we are into you.

1. I like to touch my hair.
Our hair is our crowning glory, we constantly touch or fix our hair plus putting the hair on the side where we think gives us our best angle. We would make sneaky moves just to fix our hair. It’s been a ritual, it always worked.

*She wouldn’t bother fixing her hair if she’s not into you.

2. Can I go to the toilet?

—we all know that if men would turn into a thing, they would want to become those mirrors inside ladies’ rooms. We have special relationships with those mirrors inside the toilets. Aside from “ladies’ talks” in front of those bathroom mirrors, ladies go to the toilet to re-hibernate confidence. We would go to toilets to check what’s our best facial expressions, which angle is good, if our hair still looks good, or if we need to double check what underwear we are wearing or if we have something to tell our girlfriends. We keep standing going to the ladies room because we are conscious of how we look. And after we come out of the toilet, often our hair and make-ups were retouched and sprayed a little bit of perfume.

*If I would be in some kind of first date, blind date, or friendly date, I wouldn’t bother putting on a new lipstick or fixing my hair or make up as soon as I felt I’m not into the guy. Unless me and my girlfriends have other plans after.

3. It’s a no phone night.
– women don’t realized the need of checking phones unless the conversation requires phone to be present.

We spend lesser time on our phones chatting with girlfriends, we wouldn’t even try to touch our phones. Sometimes we’re not even aware of the time anymore.

*I would either miss my movie date with girlfriends or would ask the guy to come along.

4. I want him but not tonight.

when a woman is looking for fun or adventure, we would make sure to get what we just want. When a woman is into a guy, she would try to hide it like a Wonder Woman, but the more she hides it, the more she become obvious.

Though no matter how much attracted we are about a guy, we wouldn’t wanna exchange an amazing evening just because we got horny unless we’re really just a bitch. Don’t get us wrong when we stopped kissing before both body gets weak. If we’re down only for sex, we would send obvious signals.

* we care about first impressions, specially when considering a man for a serious relationship.

5. I’m very flexible.
— we’re busy but we will make time.
We would missed or adjust our time just to have another amazing time with him. We would say we’re busy today, but then ends up meeting the guy later in the evening because we just couldn’t stand not to see him.

*when she’s not texting back, or she’s booked for the whole week because she has to attend girlfriends farewell party, or school homework, or need to finish a company report and then the next week and then again the next week. Move.

6. I’m listening.
— we would listen to everything about the person attentively. We would let him speak, everything he say sounds interesting. We would laugh on lame jokes and order few more drinks. We would start conversations that give us ideas about him. Ask questions. What kind of music do you listen to? What is your favorite food? What are your hobbies? Tell me something about yourself. Or sports?

*When we wouldn’t ask a guy anything and just talk about ourselves, or not talk at all, we’re not interested.

7. I’m not picky.
–anywhere that both can talk or sit is perfect wether it’s over a wine or a beer. Don’t worry about us, we’re cowgirls starting today. We’ll be fine.

Above are just few of the things that can tell wether a woman is into a guy .
*Ladies, feel free to share or comment so you can all help me make my blog better. 🙂

*Gentlemen: feel free to ask questions!!!