The common types of people who are most likely will never have serious relationships.

“Staring at each other, constantly smiling, getting drowned into that bursting emotion coming from inside. Exchanging thoughts about life, about the universe, talking about bubbles, laughing hard, holding hands, kissing, having sex multiple times a day, watching the skies, making time.

—The honeymoon phase, when passionate feelings are running high believing that relationships will always have those high-octane or full energy. Those who thinks that it will last forever–those kind of relationships are usually with high expectations and low on reality. It’s very common that when the heat cools off and the passion fades, one or both will not stick around.

Here are the types of people who are most likely to fail to pass beyond the honeymoon phase/stage:

1. The Gypsy.

Some people just want to stay high in-love–
Love also make people high and just like drugs,some people just couldn’t handle moving on to the normal state and as a result, they constantly search for the next high. That’s why they date one person to another. The thrill of soaring emotions and the search will continue as long as it lasts.

2. The sunset.

These are the type of people who couldn’t offer anything more other than the fantasy period. They are always on search for the next victim after another. These kind of people always try to test themselves once they feel the heat is cooling off by igniting a fire from the other person wether into sexual tension or fight to feel important. And when ignored, they move to the next victim to find comfort and then the same. These people have so much of themselves and never grow and never will adjust for love.
Like the beautiful sunset, it won’t take long until it gets dark.

3. The tourist.

These are the people who are home away. On for adventures. Someone who adapts everything in the surrounding and like a chameleon that can change into any color anytime, anywhere. Adapts the culture, fall in-love with the place, become melancholic then find home in a person. Be lost, live a nomadic life for few months, and after the whole fantasy, goes back home and everything happened stays where they are.

4. The virgins.

These are the first timers, those who doesn’t know what to do next after the
passion period.They couldn’t handle the changes, and they feel unappreciated, they become insecure. Couldn’t create a small conversation, totally unprepared for the next deeper kind of love.

5. The appetizers.

While you save space for the main dish, there’s this inviting starter, relieving the hunger state for the mean time. But watch out, it is meant only to excite your appetite. They don’t like being the main dish. They like what they have and has no plans of moving forward. They are afraid of commitments, they are not ready for relationships.

6. The broken piece.

These are the type of people who just came from a broken relationship. They cannot pick up their broken pieces alone. They need someone who would make them feel wanted, or someone they can divert their attention to. They are fragile and they would do their best to look for rebound. When they are already fine, their feelings will disperse like a water bubble.

In the end, no one can ever go on to its journey without leaving things behind. The search will stop once they meet the person who become enough to make them stay.

Know someone like any of those? Leave a comment and share me your thoughts. 😉