I want to share a piece of my childhood to you. This was the tree I used to climb when I was a child. I used to think it was so high, now i realized it is actually not that tall.

Anyway, It’s been 24 years and it’s still alive. How amazing is it to know that some part of my childhood survived bringing you back to some good old memories? Some of it still make me laugh and make me feel like I am back to being a child.  I even fell from this tree and then found myself on the ground wondering how come I didn’t feel that I dropped on the ground?

This was where I used to to fly kite. I was hanging up on this tree when I first saw a kite. It was beautiful so I made one.

I was wondering why it didn’t fly when it looked exactly like the others. I was careful because it was my masterpiece. I didn’t want it to break whenever it hit the ground. I kept running but it was doing the the same thing over and over.

Finally I just let it go. I was ready to face whatever happened to it. I let its parts ripped off as I ran faster. To my surprise, it tossed around and started to hang still. I made something fly!

Every afternoon, I went to this place to fly my kite. 

One day, some other children came with their cool kites. I was jealous. I wanted to show them that even though mine was handmade it can fly higher than any of their kites.
I let all the string go until the end. My kite got smaller and reached very far.

Suddenly. I felt the string was getting harder and I realized it wasn’t strong enough. I rolled it back but it was too late!

My kite flew away alone with the wind. I didn’t realized the wind was higher up there. I didn’t consider the capacity of my kite. I was still holding on to the string that once connected me to my kite. I lost it no matter how much I loved it.

Happiness is not a mater of intensity but if balance and order and rythm and harmony. –Thomas Merton

Anyway just a story.
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