If you were a tree

It is hot and humid.

I am alone at home watching the tree across the apartment. My eyes could not help but look. It is very tall and skinny tree. I see it every time I looked outside. It stood strong in the middle of the thunderstorm, endured the burning heat of the sun, fought against strong wind blows and surpassed dark lonely nights.

I noticed that it doesn’t even even have a fruit or a flower. It is just a lonely tree in the middle of high-rise buildings waiting for years to come by.

I could not help but think, what if this tree acted like human. It would question its purpose. It would question why it had to live without a flower, why it would never bear fruits, why t had to be tall or skinny. What if it ceases to wait and decide not to face the sunshine? Will it ever wait to know its purpose?

A raven went to pick the flower from the balcony where I was sitting then flew back to the tree. I found myself smiling.

What a beautiful day.


Hello, my name is Juliana.

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