Have you been restless lately? Either you have so much things to do or nothing to do. Well, you don’t need to make it so complicated by planning an out of town trip to recharge or clear your mind. 

I came to see the McRitchie Nature trail to have a walk and the same time, learn photography  yesterday. It’s just one of the many nature parks here in Singapore where you can run on a trail,  take photos of the beautiful view, even space to make videos or sit down on a bench and watch those playful monkeys runningaround everywhere.  It also has a beautiful lake where people can do kayaking and have a moment of solitude. The orange hues turning into amethyst sky will simply fascinate you that you do not rven want to take a break before it fade away.

I brought an old camera since I wanted to use my free time to learn something new, thanks to internet!

Monkey everywhere!I took bus 130 from Balestier Road if you are just living around Novena or you can download on Citymapper(really good app!), it will show you all options on how you want to get anywhere wether by foot, by car, by bus, or by train.

Monkeys are everywhere! They came so close to me and even rode on my back. They were so playful. (Do not feed them, they need to learn to find their own food or else they will become dependent to people feeding them food all the time).


There was a bistro just few steps from the park called Vava. The vibe offers a very relaxing ambience. Like a secret place to bring a date.  It would nuce to share some eine or just wrote a book or something while sit at the restaurant overlooking the lake.IMG_5994

I kept on walking to see more of the place and take more photos then this “big lizard” just casually passed by the road. I have never seen anything like it before. It’s great to expose myself to it and also this animal to people to prevent hurting each other out of ignorance. A man who was just about to get closer to it while he was jogging didn’t even care and just passed by close to it. So I guess they are everywhere around the place and they are not dangerous.

Then this guy from the footbridge came up to say hello. He knew I was taking a photo since he just pose closer to me. It was all alone in the creek. I wish there was another one to accompany him and I just didn’t see it.

IMG_6038-1           It was a very peaceful place. I was completely recharged and able to come up with an idea after this walk to start a project for myself since it’s off season for modeling projects in Singapore and I am spending so much time alone at home.

I called it #LazySundays, bringing back the excitement as I look forward on sundays and the calm feeling of just lying down on bed all day watching movie, eating your favorite pizza once in a busy week. 🙂

Start your own Project #LazySundays with me. Email me your #LazySunday story @ so I can feature you on my blog. 🙂



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