Hmmm, why don’t I have a little garden at the balcony soon since I have been cooking different recipes using almost the same herbs and spices everyday, my ever favorite rosemary, parsley and basil?  With these three, most likely you can turn everything into epic dishes.

Yesterday I made myself pasta the way I want it– Rosemary and mustard marinated chicken basil fusilli. It was very easy to make that’s why I have been making the same dish for lunch and dinner yesterday and lunch today. Ha!

If you haven’t tried cooking pasta before, I want to let you know that pasta’s the easiest food to make. Surprise your love ones by making them this simple yet so delicious food. Let’s cook!

Preparation time 20minutes.


Boneless chicken, (fusilli, penne) pasta, rosemary, mustard,

basil, butter olive oil, cherry tomatoes, salt and pepper


STEP 1. Boil some water in a deep pan or caserolle.

STEP 2. While waiting to boil, chop the chicken into smaller pieces (cubes or strips)  then put it in a bowl to marinate with rosemary and mustard. Make sure you mix it well. Add a little salt and pepper.

STEP 3. As soon as the water boils, put the pasta and leave it for 8-10min with medium heat. If you want to make sure it’s al dente, try a piece.  Add salt and pepper.

STEP 4. As soon as the pasta is ready, drain it and transfer the pasta into a bowl. Heat the pan/caserolle before putting a little nit of butter then drops of olive oil to sauté the garlic.

STEP 5. Add those cherry tomatoes then the chicken. Just keep sautéing until the chicken is ready, (around 8-10min)

STEP 6. Time to add the pasta then the basil leaves. Keep mixing for a minute!

Bon Apetit!

Hello, my name is Juliana.


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