Forney: Filipino Women as sex objects in Asian Ghetto, Ansabeh??

I was trying to search Filipino characteristics and ended up on a blog describing Filipino women as sex objects and other more insulting comments coming from this God-looking guy. I was like.. What the Fuck? SMH.

captured from my camera from Matt Forney's blog.
captured from my camera from Matt Forney’s blog.





Filipino women are a blend of Spanish, Japanese and Chinese. They are claimed by the western men to be the best Asian women because of their Oriental and Spanish blood. They cook amazing dishes and can speak very good English. Foreign men marrying a Filipina would always have money issues with the families because of their sharing culture. They were raised to be compassionate and selfless.

Filipino culture even though we are still on the process of developing our laid-back characteristics makes our women easier to fall to among other women. First it’s not only that Filipino Women are naturally caring and passionate about their families but also possesses natural attractiveness that makes them more magnetic to men who are exhausted of women being obsessed with all the gender equality issues and motions, riding carousel horses.

Women all over the world possesses remarkable qualities like intelligence, independence, empowerment or in short the ‘modern woman’ climbing the corporate ladder. Most men prefer to settle with women who value families and motherhood. Filipinos can make great wives as I have met lots of Foreign who are happily married to their Filipino wives. They say Filipinos can create happy homes as western men adore them by their natural attractiveness, fertility, sharing and caring qualities. They gentle-spoken and try to be by no means of dispute just to avoid having arguments in public because it’s not very lady like. Filipino women were taught at home and at school with proper manners and right conduct that’s why they are very polite and kind. Values for Filipinos are very important. 

Filipino women give until they have nothing left for themselves especially when it’s for the sake of their families. Even though every women strive to live the women’s dream of independence in the Philippines, Filipino women look for every ways to help families get out of the chaotic life. Filipino women are not greedy and still keep this laid-back Filipina characteristics inside them like being on-hand taking care of the family and letting the males be the male as they need to be. Filipino women will do anything for their children even if it means working abroad cleaning toilets or taking care of strangers living in a more fortunate country.

Most Filipina women can easily fall to men who are passionate, sincere, caring, and dependable despite of the age gaps. Filipino women fall to caucasians because they make them feel beautiful and they give them new definition of love, they take care of them, they help them get up, they bring them positive hopes in life and treat them as a woman. In return, they do their best to be the best wives, they thank and love them, serve them with all their heart. Who wouldn’t fall to a man lifted you up like you are a precious gem that was placed in the mud? It’s not easy to teach the heart. Some people just couldn’t help but to judge every couple who have big age differences together. Wake up, there are prostitutes and gold-diggers everywhere. It’s very mediocre to think that some people actually believed they are better just because they are living in a society with full of hypocrisy. Society that set rules and limit them to do what other people are not scared to do.

We are different but we are not better. Above all, Filipino women just like any other women, they also also make decisions that a lot of people won’t understand. It’s the society who wants to understand everything in the world and scared of the things that they don’t understand.

And I’m a Filipina, I’m proud to be one of THEM.

Hello, my name is Juliana.


  1. thats is very sad! Filipino women are not sex object in fact you would hardly find Filipino women in pron sites. Filipino women are very much reserve and most family-oriented people on earth. Try to find one girl get to know her and you will be glad you did


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