There comes a time in life when you start getting more conscious about what’s happening around and the things you do. I guess it the time when your beginner’s luck is over and reality kicks in to the point that it freaks you out to even face the day. There’s a feeling of uncertainty and insecurity. You just can’t help but compare life to everyone and it makes you feel like a small dot.

       What the fuck am I doing? Everyone seem to know what they’re doing.

       But this year, things has changed. I’ve never felt so BRAND NEW! And it’s all because of all the things I tried to do to help myself shine again. Here are my personal advise for you, to let you know that I’ve been there and I’m telling you, you’re going to be fine. JUST BE STILL.


         Sometimes opening up with strangers is easier than the ones you know. Especially when these people have great and positive energy, it’s contagious! Often the ones you know gives more pressure because of their high expectations and doesn’t really try to understand what’s really going on with you. While strangers on the other hand accepts and listens openly and with more sincerity. Your word flows more honest and natural. They make you feel free to be anything you want to be. So find people who are positive. Surround yourself with people who understands and doesn’t make you feel like you’re not good enough. Always remember, people tend to give the advise base on their own projection of what they want to achieve.


      This is the time when YOURSELF needs you. Take all the time you need to feel good again. My father once told me: “Before you can share your umbrella, you must first have one for yourself.”     

      You are allowed to take a break and be yourself. Disregard the world for a moment and focus on redesigning your life. You need it. Feel free to recreate your dreams. Take the baby steps if you have to. Don’t put too much pressure on yourself. If you have high expectations, adjust it to more attainable once. The smallest things are the big things. There is no time limit. You’re on your own time zone just as the rest of the world.


      Music gives us chills. Without music, it’s like a world without emotion. I am not always a fan of classical music but it helped during my desperate times. It calmed my mind and stopped me from too much worrying. I felt like it was a soul cleansing. (CLICK THE LINK to know what I’m talking about.)


      The first step in finding solution is determining the problem. One of the best things I did during the crisis was when I asked for a professional help. Since my friend’s brother is a life coach and I used to work with them at their family business (so I know how professional and very efficient he is). I really needed to find out what’s wrong with me. Where all the worries and thoughts are coming from? I called him and asked him to help me out. They are like my extended family so I really trust them. I found out that I am spending so much energy on something and forget the rest of the pie. This helped me determine which part of my life that I am most happy about and the things I need to do to prevent from crashing down.

*If you need a trusted professional life-coach:



       Not so much happened lately but I am better. My mind is more relax and my life is more peaceful than ever. If the view is not good on your right side, look at the left side. Protect your thoughts because it can change the way you accept things and the whole picture of your life. Set the right mood. Stop feeling like your a victim and get up like you’ve never seen the world before! Know that you are special and believe in yourself– in your capabilities and your being. Believe that we are all different but no one is better.

       Sometimes we might think people are fine, people are happy or living the life but we live in the same Universe. We all look at the same sky. Don’t worry too much. Keep your head up and never ever feel sorry for yourself. YOU WILL BE FINE. 🙂


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