KOH LIPE, SATUN ISLAND, a small island close to Malaysia. It’s about an hour and fifteen minutes ferry ride from Langkawi.

It’s been a while since I felt this way. Coming to a new place, new people and new culture who looks just like me 🙂 (…or the other way, po-ta-to potato). As I explore this world, I also explore myself. 



Every island has its own beauty just like every person has its own characteristic. I think I’d call it a “jungle beach” because of all the trees lying on the mountains and around the island. There are three areas you can choose from depending your mood but I recommend you check it all.

Sunrise Beach

More quiet. Better villas. Luxury type and family friendly. Already quiet and dark at 10pm. Best place for Sunrise.



Sunset Beach

Most people are walking taking photos and sunbathing because of the wide sand bar. Beautiful sunset but most people leave after dusk. I recommend you bring your own beach chill essentials (Coconut water, beer, cigarette, food, playing cards etc.) Not so much restaurants where you can buy them.

Pattaya Beach

This is where the island happenings are. Where the youngsters, backpackers and all the rest of people who wants to enjoy the beach at night goes. I recommend you to visit Maya Bar, Reggae Bar. Decent places to go to and also because I didn’t explore so much as I was alone and the guys are bit aggressive around this place.


It’s just a bit hard to communicate and share everything I feel because of the language barrier but since they couldn’t speak very well in english, their other senses are much stronger. They are sensitive about what’s happening to people in every corner of their eyes.



I was at the REGGAE BAR most of the time as I felt safe and comfortable there. Even though we didn’t speak the same language, they treated me well with respect as if I was family and even gave me fresh pick mango. I had a great time at this place because I felt safe and relax. They respect my solitude and no weird guys coming over to you.








Hello, my name is Juliana.


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