We don’t have to tell the world we’re in-love or whatever we are feeling for each other. The most important thing is that we know we love each other and I trust him.’ —That’s right…but wether we like it or not, we are now living in an Internet era where most people spend more time on the Internet more than the ones closer to them. Even business meetings are already done online nowadays. Many couples even meet each other on social applications. The Internet has provided everyone an easy way to connect to people, hit on them, to easily flirt and find a partner. How can some people ignore this issue when it actually affects relationships? I have seen couples fighting over photos being accidentally shown on their profiles. Husband and wives separated because of Facebook messages. What if you found out that your partner has been exchanging flirty messages to the exes and other people? Is it still just some skin deep issue? When it matters, it matters. Don’t ignore.

Let’s give you all the possible reasons why your partner never posted your photos together even if he/she’s always online, always uploading selfies, posting selfies with other people and never posted photos of both of you. (But posted photos of him/her and the ex before and I’m not trying to manufacture drama in your head, I just want to point out that if you give your partner a chance and others a chance to cheat on you, then it’s okay to play cool.) There’s nothing wrong about letting the world know about your relationship, if it’s not a big deal if he/she doesn’t post your photos, it’s also not a big deal to post it anyway.

  1. Your partner doesn’t want the ex to know that s/he’s already in a relationship. –it possible that your partner just broke up with the ex or yet still about to break up or still have feelings and there’s a possibility to get back together.
  2. Your partner is trying to protect you from the ex to avoid the ex from making drama, insulting you and hurting you emotionally and physically.
  3. You partner doesn’t want the world to know that he/she’s taken so s/he can still get attention from people who wants to flirt with him/her.
  4. He/she is not proud to have you and only use you for sex and company.
  5. Your partner is still not yet decided if he/she is ready into more serious step.
  6. You’re not the only one.
  7. Your partner is hiding something so s/he can prevent people from having a any contact with you. (Maybe s/he’s have a background on his/her exes that you are not supposed to know)
  8. Your partner’s job requires him/her to be single. (Which you should know and explain you why, and trust you that you would understand)
  9. Your partner doesn’t want to flaunt everyone your butt and have a way to flirt with you.
  10. S/he doesn’t want to lose or get you followers because of him/her.
  11. Your partner thinks it’s too cheesy to show everyone your photos together.
  12. It makes people think s/he’s needy. (or less of a man)

         But it’s still best to talk to your partner and tell your insecurities than making things up or jumping out into conclusions. If it bothers you, tell your partner. Don’t be scared, you’ll feel better afterwards. 😉

And If you can think more reasons why, feel free to add through comment box. Questions, criticisms, dilemmas and reasons are all welcome. 🙂

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