Cleansing crystals removes any energies they may have picked up on their journey to you. To cleanse your crystals, you can use the following methods:
  • Water. Soak your crystals in a bowl of spring water for 24 hours for deep cleansing or hold them under a running tap for a few minutes, setting the intention that any negative imprints on them will be washed away. Don’t use this method on crystals affected by water such as selenite, halite, malachite, gypsum, pyrite, optical calcite, or turquoise.
  • Sunlight or Moonlight. Place your crystals outside in the sunlight for a few hours, or under the moonlight for a few hours or overnight. Don’t use sunlight on photosensitive crystals such as amethyst, fluorite, rose quartz, or some calcites. And, don’t use sunlight for crystal bowls, as this is a fire hazard.
  • Incense or Smudging. Waft the smoke from a smudge stick or incense stick over your crystals.
  • Singing bowls or bells. Place your crystals in a singing bowl and ring the edge with the bowl’s mallet to build up the sound, gradually increasing the speed. Or ring a bell by your crystals; the sound waves will shift any stagnations in the crystals.
  • Breathe. Set your intentions for the crystals and gently breathe on its surface.
  • White-light visualizations. Visualize the crystal being purified by the white light that comes first through you, then into the crystal. See any old, negative energy leave


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