Questions to ask  before you quit your relationship.

“The reflection of a man’s love can be seen on a woman’s face.”

—–That’s right, don’t fool yourself, if there’s something wrong with how he makes you feel, you have to slow down. No matter how much love you have for this person , if there’s something wrong, something’s WRONG. Don’t force yourself to fit in a piece of puzzle that’s not meant for you. 

Love can be very tricky, sometimes it’s a battle between loving yourself or loving your partner. Especially when you’re not compatible in many ways. So much things to compromise, sometimes you get lucky to find a person who will take the same road with you. 

How do you feel today? Do you feel like a machine that’s been kept away from your functions and keys has been thrown away as soon as things got more serious in your relationship? Or a machine that’s been overused and need some time to rest to put back things together with you? The question is, is the love enough to fill all  things up? 

If not, you better reconsider. Here are the reasons why you should leave. Go on with your life, and don’t ever repeat the same mistakes, instead learn from all of it.

1. Are you unhappy most of the time? Quit.       

–your thoughts when busy, it reflects on your face, in your actions, in all your decisions, you get confuse even on a simple question, “Where do you want to eat?”, “What do you want to do?” Theres only one person who can tell why you’re unhappy, and it’s yourself. Don’t force yourself to stay because of your love for him. Love ain’t always enough. I believe they are what they are, and you are what you are, if you try to put someone’s size on you when it doesn’t suit you, big chances are you’re not happy with it or you break it. 

2. Are you better alone?   

  — have you seen your photos lately? Carry on, scan your photos from your memory, are you satisfied with how your living your life at the moment?do you think you can do better than how you feel now? If you know you’re gonna be more productive and effective as a person being out of the relationship, it’s a sign. You don’t get the nutrients your body needs that’s why you get sick, same in love, you don’t get all the love you need. Take a deep breathe, telling yor partner what’s lacking when he’s insensitive, can work sometimes, but mostly, it doesn’t. You’re not supposed to explain or ask your needs, if you’re partner knows you enough and cares enough about how you feel, he should know what to do. As women, we have shallow happiness, a stem of flower, a new cook book, or kisses on the cheek, they are not impossible to give. He’s the missing piece of your heart, remember? He should know how to make “his” heart happy if he cares about it. 

3. Is it worth it? 


—there’s no more things to consider aside from all the memories and those  ideal future plans you built together and that love only you understands. Your partner has another definition of love and it’s sickening explaining something simple to a person with a different language from time to time.  If you’re willing to deal with the same shit everyday, then go ahead. Keep holding on and hold tighter! But if you’re in doubt when you think of your future with him and you know you’re gonna be unhappy for the rest of your life because it’s gonna be an unhealthy relationship, ofcourse you won’t let that, stop it and let each other find the right person. It’s not easy because the person meant the world once but let go of everything. Say yes to a happier you. It’s not worth it to stay in a situation you know won’t last long. 

Every lyrics from the song “All of me” by John legend made for his wife is a sign of a passionate love and you feel every word being sang was real, the experiences and that’s what makes people like it because it hits. “…even when I lose, I’m winning”. 

To men: Her win is also your victory. Her laughter’s your laughter too. Your love to her reflects on her. If you win her heart, you win the world.    


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