You have to open your mind just as you opened your heart. People are not possessions. You can only have what they wish to give. You can’t keep controlling things make them happen your way. It’s just going to drain all your energy and won’t let each other grow.

Do not let your partner choose between you over anything. You are supposed to help them choose which one is better for them but still not your decision to make. The only thing that is constant in this world is change and the best thing you can do is to embrace it. If they cheat on you, if you can’t let it go, then let them go. The reason why people tend to end up getting married to someone they love less is because they are scared of what it do to them. They want security over the unknown endless adventure.

Before you win a battle, you must fight first.


Some people would rather lose the relationship than argument. Winner stands alone like those soccer players with millions of fans screaming their names out loud on field but then they come home and feel alone when they go to bed. You don’t have to win to win a fight. Sometimes backing down is the best way to gain something worthwhile.


Let’s say you are some kind of a wagon. No matter how far away the distance you made in between,  you know you will end up on the same direction. Don’t kill each other’s dream just because you both wanted to take the same path. People were born with different dreams. You are supposed to be the key to the machine not someone to break it. Some people are lucky to find someone who will take the same path with them. Some need extra patience and trust until they reached the intersection once again. Love a person close to you but you must also learn to love them from a distance. There’s nothing more beautiful than seeing someone you love feel alive.


Mostly after all those chemicals your bodies produced started slowing down, your differences will starts showing up. You start fighting. You realized your partner doesn’t like many things that you like. Even so, there are also the different languages of love. Some people are better in showing what they feel rather than saying it. There are also those who likes to hear than show them. Sometimes it’s already obvious yet you still ask them if something’s wrong. The clue is that, people tend to show the love they want to receive themselves. Always try to understand and communicate. You must pay attention.

Anyway, when you love, you just give it. You don’t love for conditions. It’s best if the person loves you as much.

Hello, my name is Juliana.


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