Change is constant. We plan, we travel, we go back, we leave again. But just like us and everything else, there must always be something different and we know that. That’s why we want to prepare ourselves for what’s coming by making resolutions.
But since we don’t know what’s next, we make plans and preparations. It’s good to know our shortcomings and the remedies we can do once we encounter the same situations.

Everything we have right now were once just imaginations and it’s in our instinct that we need to have some sort of plans in order not to get drawn by any current into unknown directions or be stuck in a certain level. 
There’s a purpose why we keep changing. We renovate things to cope up with our present taste and the more we change the more we develop new challenges. We must all move with time. It’s never our intention to create the worst but no one wants to live without a purpose. 

New Years are moments when we can simplify our past and have new goals to look forward to and fearlessly imagine ourselves becoming better. But ofcourse, New Year is a new year, we don’t know what’s going to happen but it’s good to have a basic plan.
Eventhough the world is ahead of us, we still take creative liberties to explore new angles of life so we cannot be disrupted by the unknown. There’s always parts of our plans that we break because we need to reply according those questions being asked. We fail because when reality hit us we also changed our priorities.
We need reasons to keep going. And reasons has always been about seeing new perspective, developing new plans and discovering ourselves. And since we always believed we could have done better, we continue to make new plans.

Hello, my name is Juliana.


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