Oh boy, she’s definitely into you.

I’ve been observing women’s behaviors/movements for a couple of months, how women are when into a guy. How my girlfriends or strangers either in a bar or over dinner react on men they like. There are things that women do when we are attracted to a guy obvious or unconscious. It’s pretty obvious sometimes.
Photographed by: Pao Sanchez- Dalisay

Although I’m not saying EVERYONE but most women. So ladies, correct me if I’m wrong, you must read this to keep it low and for men here’s your chance to know about this codes women can’t avoid to do when we are into you.

1. I like to touch my hair.
Our hair is our crowning glory, we constantly touch or fix our hair plus putting the hair on the side where we think gives us our best angle. We would make sneaky moves just to fix our hair. It’s been a ritual, it always worked.

*She wouldn’t bother fixing her hair if she’s not into you.

2. Can I go to the toilet?

—we all know that if men would turn into a thing, they would want to become those mirrors inside ladies’ rooms. We have special relationships with those mirrors inside the toilets. Aside from “ladies’ talks” in front of those bathroom mirrors, ladies go to the toilet to re-hibernate confidence. We would go to toilets to check what’s our best facial expressions, which angle is good, if our hair still looks good, or if we need to double check what underwear we are wearing or if we have something to tell our girlfriends. We keep standing going to the ladies room because we are conscious of how we look. And after we come out of the toilet, often our hair and make-ups were retouched and sprayed a little bit of perfume.

*If I would be in some kind of first date, blind date, or friendly date, I wouldn’t bother putting on a new lipstick or fixing my hair or make up as soon as I felt I’m not into the guy. Unless me and my girlfriends have other plans after.

3. It’s a no phone night.
– women don’t realized the need of checking phones unless the conversation requires phone to be present.

We spend lesser time on our phones chatting with girlfriends, we wouldn’t even try to touch our phones. Sometimes we’re not even aware of the time anymore.

*I would either miss my movie date with girlfriends or would ask the guy to come along.

4. I want him but not tonight.

when a woman is looking for fun or adventure, we would make sure to get what we just want. When a woman is into a guy, she would try to hide it like a Wonder Woman, but the more she hides it, the more she become obvious.

Though no matter how much attracted we are about a guy, we wouldn’t wanna exchange an amazing evening just because we got horny unless we’re really just a bitch. Don’t get us wrong when we stopped kissing before both body gets weak. If we’re down only for sex, we would send obvious signals.

* we care about first impressions, specially when considering a man for a serious relationship.

5. I’m very flexible.
— we’re busy but we will make time.
We would missed or adjust our time just to have another amazing time with him. We would say we’re busy today, but then ends up meeting the guy later in the evening because we just couldn’t stand not to see him.

*when she’s not texting back, or she’s booked for the whole week because she has to attend girlfriends farewell party, or school homework, or need to finish a company report and then the next week and then again the next week. Move.

6. I’m listening.
— we would listen to everything about the person attentively. We would let him speak, everything he say sounds interesting. We would laugh on lame jokes and order few more drinks. We would start conversations that give us ideas about him. Ask questions. What kind of music do you listen to? What is your favorite food? What are your hobbies? Tell me something about yourself. Or sports?

*When we wouldn’t ask a guy anything and just talk about ourselves, or not talk at all, we’re not interested.

7. I’m not picky.
–anywhere that both can talk or sit is perfect wether it’s over a wine or a beer. Don’t worry about us, we’re cowgirls starting today. We’ll be fine.

Above are just few of the things that can tell wether a woman is into a guy .
*Ladies, feel free to share or comment so you can all help me make my blog better. 🙂

*Gentlemen: feel free to ask questions!!!

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