It is a strange feeling to have always known someone then suddenly she’s gone. The only time I’d see her now is when I closed my eyes. I want to pretend she gave up on us–but I guess we did. She suffered a lot of pain and all we did is apply those stupid herbals on her wounds.
          A mysterious woman. We found a box that contained documents from her past. There were old photographs of strangers wearing white bandanas. She was one of them but with a black veil almost covering her face. Another was an old photograph of a Japanese soldier, a title of sugar land and few birth certificates– a boy named Jonathan, a “Baby Elias” and a woman named “Socorro.”
         Aunt Corazon, her younger sister looked sentimental as she saw the photographs. That’s all I remember.
      My name is Juliana. I am an ambitious girl from the province who want to follow my own star. I have a fire in my heart that wants to keep everywhere warm. I believe in my personal legend. It’s been years since my grandmother’s passing. And that’s when my story begins…