It is a strange feeling to have always known someone then suddenly she’s gone. The only time I’d see her now is when I closed my eyes. I want to pretend she gave up on us–but I guess we did. She suffered so much pain and all we did is apply those stupid herbals on her wounds.

          She was such a mysterious woman. We found an old box that contains documents from her past. There were old photographs of strangers wearing white bandanas. She was one of them but with a black veil almost covering her face. Another is an old photograph of a Japanese soldier, a title of 12.3 hectares of sugar land and few birth certificates– a boy named Jonathan, “Baby Elias” and a girl named “Socorro.”

         Aunt Corazon, her younger sister looked sentimental as she saw the photographs.

      My name is Sofia. The Earth is my teacher and the Universe is my protector. I’m following the star that guides me through the night until I meet my final mission–where a new star will also be born. There’s a fire in my heart that keeps me warm. When cold winter arrives, it will settle its flames. It will melt and it will flow like the waves of the ocean. This is a story of my personal quest, my life on Earth and my search of home.