Innocence and Ignorance.

  Since I heard about those trending videos of kids on the Internet, I would like to use this photo to share what I have to say. You act surprised with these kids when you hand them iPads to get their heads occupied? Listen.
I worry for these kids, perhaps we are blind to see that these children are crying for affection, for quality time, reflection of ourselves, of what we have done on earth for the next generations since grown-ups no longer have time to watch them and guide them grow. They are unprepared for these social pressures they were born into, their innocence are being eaten alive by our ignorance. No more playmates to run on field because everybody’s busy making friends inside the virtual world. Parents post photos of food instead of saying grace before they eat. Parks and picnic groves are now emptied and no more Sunday’s without phones being used. We are the reflection of our children, we have responsibilities in molding our children to be our better selves, they observe everything on their own to learn things everything that they don’t understand and imitate us on how we abuse these technologies. How come we are so good in judging this children when we, ourselves, old and experienced still act like we have no knowledge and fault about the things we have created?

I’m glad to be born during the time of patintero, luksong-baka, tagu-taguan, and pagpapalipad ng saranggola.’ 

So lucky to be born when I had my pen and paper to write what I feel and learned from the day. 
I’m happy I was born yesterday, when letters for parents on Valentine’s days were given on hand, with hugs and kisses. 
Glad to have experienced fighting with my cousin’s for the meat from the pinakbet when it’s served on the table.
I’m one lucky kid to have experienced running and jumping with my aunts through the rain believing I’ll grow tall on the first rainfall of May, 
To have written my first crush through my perfected handwriting and we’re very nervous whenever I received his replies.
So lucky to have received postcards from aunts with all the things written on the back sharing what it felt during the moments.
To enjoy the whole day running wild, hunting spiders, and building tree-houses, climbing trees, and catching dragon flies. 
Now, time flies without real memories to look back. Our connection to the real world has gone meaningless. 
Everything is filtered, everything is falling apart.

We still can save our children, make some time to sit or to play with them, to cook, eat without touching phones. Fix their hair, look into their eyes and discover their special characteristics. Soon everything online is just another photo and not as remarkable as the real memories we can reminisce.

The Flower-ful cab.

I have to share a beautiful experience tonight right after a mistake regarding an event I’m supposed to be working but realized I haven’t received the confirmation that I’m approved and I was already at the venue just almost right next to my house, so it’s okay. I just don’t know what’s in my head why I went there. My cousin was calling so I had to let go one cab and decided to take another one.As I open the door, I was surprised to see lots of flowers and felt like I entered a garden and not a car. I love flowers so I was really happy and ignored my cousin calling me! I asked him if he decorated it himself and he said yes, with pride. 🙂  I asked permission if it’s okay to have a photo of it, and with excitement he said “yes ma’am!” and handed me a flower crown, and he put on my head. I wish my house was a little further but I felt lucky to experience riding his taxi. Somehow this experience made my day today. He was such a nice person as I was laughing with him and got carried away that I even forgot to pay the meter and also because of taking too much photos. He left but had to go back to the same street and didn’t bother to ask me for the payment. I was telling my experience to my neighbors and then saw him coming back and I stopped him because I was gonna show him the direction to go out of the village, and then realized that I haven’t paid him yet and he said it’s alright, but ofcourse I insisted to pay as I know he deserved more. If only I was rich, I would give him more

I thought it was amazing how he did with his cab and how he surrounded himself with positivity by putting colors inside and flowers to turn any passenger’s mood into flowerful day once they get inside his cab. 

He’s one of the many proof that whatever job you have and wherever you are, wether you sit in an office or inside a cab all day you can change your perspective and you have the ability to create a better world and with your perspective, you can change other’s too. 

I adore this guy and I have to say this has been one of the best rides I’ve ever had!

The boy and the seed.

There was a boy who found a seed along the road. He kept it in his pocket and planted at his backyard. One day, the seed started to grow as he watered the seed everyday until seed turned into a strong and a beautiful tree. Just like the seed, the boy grew into a man and started to build a family. The tree began to bear fruits and he finally had to taste its fruits. The next batch of fruit, as he opened one, he then realized something and the boy became one of the richest man of his town.  

He began to get ill and in his pocket, he kept 3 seeds, one each of his children. He ask them to plant those seeds because it’s all they can inherit.

The tree died with their father and the 3 children parted ways. One of them did as the father say and two of them became very angry and both decided to flush the seed away as it reminded them of their father’s greed and selfishness. The youngest took care of his growing plant. After years, the 3 brothers built their own families and had children. The only difference is that, one of them became very rich and the two became a farmer. 

“Because the boy who planted the seed found out just like his father that the fruit bear golden seed on its second fruits”

The stranger. 

You’re right…

She’s not a gem

but find herself as a treasure.

She live by day to day,

Like tomorrow won’t arrive. 

She pretends she’s not thinking, but her head never stopped spinning. 

Her feet trembles when caged,

Her hand writes when denied. 

She pays money to look homeless 

and she never fixed her hair.

She never surf, never knew how to swim,

She learned to dive with fishes got tired to float on water. 

She would lay down on the sand,

Bare-skinned and kiss the sun.

She travels, she moves, 

she can never stay still. 

She smokes, she drinks, she dance,

sleeps when she gets tired. 

She’s not a keeper,

You’ll never like her, 

Your parents will disapprove her.

What’s next? Nobody can tell. 

She never have fixed plans,

Her head is her navigator. 

She’s busy, never take her out for dinner. 

She can’t text when she’s talking,

Cannot answer when she’s texting. 

She could never keep job steady,

She makes money by being creative and pretty. 

She wants to finish a degree, 

But can’t be in 4 walls in months of 3.

She never knows the time,

She never owned a watch. 

She’s strong and honest,

But deep and sensitive. 

She follows her heart. 

She treats her skin as blank canvass, 

Great stories are the ones with scars. 

She chooses to see goodness,

Talk to strangers, Kiss kid’s cheeks, 

Wipe old lady’s foreheads. 

She’s uncertain,

She’s unreliable, 

Indecisive and unstable.

She chose to be herself, 

And live with her own terms. 

She will never belong to anyone,

To no one but belongs to everyone.

—-The Stranger. Your truly, @jillybully  

 #poem #saltwater #stranger

Credits to @jannalachowski for this photo from Bulabog beach, Boracay Aklan.


“The reflection of a man’s love can be seen on a woman’s face.”

—–That’s right, don’t fool yourself. If there’s something wrong with how he makes you feel, slow down. No matter how much love you have for this person , if there’s something wrong, SOMETHING IS WRONG. Don’t force yourself to fit in a piece of puzzle that’s not right for you, or it will hurt.