There was a boy who loved to travel. He went everywhere and lived differently every stop. There was an unknown excitement coming from within whenever he’s about see a new place and a pinch of loneliness each time he left. He wondered why couldn’t he feel fully happy? But he kept moving anyway. 

The stranger. 

You’re right…

She’s not a gem

but find herself as a treasure.

She live by day to day,

Like tomorrow won’t arrive. 

She pretends she’s not thinking, but her head never stopped spinning. 

Her feet trembles when caged,

Her hand writes when denied. 

She pays money to look homeless 

and she never fixed her hair.

She never surf, never knew how to swim,

She learned to dive with fishes got tired to float on water. 

She would lay down on the sand,

Bare-skinned and kiss the sun.

She travels, she moves, 

she can never stay still. 

She smokes, she drinks, she dance,

sleeps when she gets tired. 

She’s not a keeper,

You’ll never like her, 

Your parents will disapprove her.

What’s next? Nobody can tell. 

She never have fixed plans,

Her head is her navigator. 

She’s busy, never take her out for dinner. 

She can’t text when she’s talking,

Cannot answer when she’s texting. 

She could never keep job steady,

She makes money by being creative and pretty. 

She wants to finish a degree, 

But can’t be in 4 walls in months of 3.

She never knows the time,

She never owned a watch. 

She’s strong and honest,

But deep and sensitive. 

She follows her heart. 

She treats her skin as blank canvass, 

Great stories are the ones with scars. 

She chooses to see goodness,

Talk to strangers, Kiss kid’s cheeks, 

Wipe old lady’s foreheads. 

She’s uncertain,

She’s unreliable, 

Indecisive and unstable.

She chose to be herself, 

And live with her own terms. 

She will never belong to anyone,

To no one but belongs to everyone.

—-The Stranger. Your truly, @jillybully  

 #poem #saltwater #stranger

Credits to @jannalachowski for this photo from Bulabog beach, Boracay Aklan.


The honeymoon phase, when passionate feelings are running high believing that relationships will always have those high-octane or full energy. Those who thinks that it will last forever–those kind of relationships are usually with high expectations and low on reality. It’s very common that when the heat cools off and the passion fades, one or both will not stick around.