The Sleepy Guitar Vendor

I went for a walk today. I brought my camera with me and see which scenes it’s going to make me capture. I was thinking of writing reviews for restaurants but found myself shooting people along the streets. I am inspired, touched and moved in every story I was able to bring home with me.

Last 7 Months ago, I bought a guitar from this man. I saw him always carrying all these guitar along the streets then stopping by at this exact same spot before night. I passed by him again today. He was sitting trying not to fall asleep but he was very sleepy. I wish I could buy all his guitars. It was the guitar I bought for the old man working as cab driver who wanted to become a musician but couldn’t afford to buy. This guitar street seller was kind to give me one of his finest guitar even if I only had enough money for the smaller ones when I said I was buying it for the old man. Your family is lucky to have a husband and a father with such a big heart like yours.

It wasn’t a very busy time along the street so I kept walking to find something to eat. This father and his son spent time together playing and sitting behind their cart full of coconut while there was no customer.

After eating at one of my favorite restaurant to visit in Manila, I’ve crossed path with these two young men holding their balloons to sell along the streets. I knew the other boy was feeling a little bit embarrassed  but I admire these young men for trying to do something to earn. I used to be like them back in the day, when I was high school. I worked in a carnival to collect tokens on a running light. I was a little bit embarrassed because my classmates were looking down at me to see me work, I still  did it to be able to go to school.

This country is amazing! These simple things that the Filipino people do to keep living make this country different from others. We try and try because that’s is life. As long as you are still attached to your surrroundings, to people and still feel grateful, you are living the life. One day, we will all realized that it’s all those simple things that matter.





I want to share a piece of my childhood to you. This was the tree I used to climb when I was a child. I used to think it was so high, now i realized it is actually not that tall.

Anyway, It’s been 24 years and it’s still alive. How amazing is it to know that some part of my childhood survived bringing you back to some good old memories? Some of it still make me laugh and make me feel like I am back to being a child.  I even fell from this tree and then found myself on the ground wondering how come I didn’t feel that I dropped on the ground?

This was where I used to to fly kite. I was hanging up on this tree when I first saw a kite. It was beautiful so I made one.

I was wondering why it didn’t fly when it looked exactly like the others. I was careful because it was my masterpiece. I didn’t want it to break whenever it hit the ground. I kept running but it was doing the the same thing over and over.

Finally I just let it go. I was ready to face whatever happened to it. I let its parts ripped off as I ran faster. To my surprise, it tossed around and started to hang still. I made something fly!

Every afternoon, I went to this place to fly my kite. 

One day, some other children came with their cool kites. I was jealous. I wanted to show them that even though mine was handmade it can fly higher than any of their kites.
I let all the string go until the end. My kite got smaller and reached very far.

Suddenly. I felt the string was getting harder and I realized it wasn’t strong enough. I rolled it back but it was too late!

My kite flew away alone with the wind. I didn’t realized the wind was higher up there. I didn’t consider the capacity of my kite. I was still holding on to the string that once connected me to my kite. I lost it no matter how much I loved it.

Happiness is not a mater of intensity but if balance and order and rythm and harmony. –Thomas Merton

Anyway just a story.
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Gently ranting. 

  I know that all of us are conscious about the slow process of everything here in Philippines. The unnecessary queues just because you had to pay the bill, deposit money to your account, send money, pay the travel tax, check-in your luggage, the traffic, seriously. 
How much time do we have to waste for these things?

I’m glad to know we are all conscious and yet we never really created an action. We complain but we never suggested solutions. So much manpower and no one really thinks of a bigger solution. No initiative. Always depending on what’s just asked.

Meralco terminated my contract yesterday and since I was asleep I wasn’t informed and someone signed for me allowing them to take my meter. I went to complain because it’s a mistake and they just told me to wait until five days because that’s how long it takes to process all the documents needed. Five days to wait until I can have back my electricity.

Unfortunately, this is happening. How come they need documents when they just had them from the previous contract? Why dues everything has to be so complicated even in the end they are going to give me a new one anyway?

The super expensive electricity takes 5 days to process before I can have it reconnected.
Apartments with ridiculous SOP’s, whose owners gets visitors like they are prisoners, that even if they personally allow their visitors,  they won’t listen to them and can’t  break the SOP because the visitor left its ID. 
Company employees accepting complains but never really thought of suggesting their big bosses things that can reduce complains. Just same cycle, doing their job, not thinking of bigger solutions. 

Hair stylists not listening carefully to what their client is saying, so they know how they can satisfy their clients to be with them long-term.

Taking time chatting, spending so much hours doing a simple job, walking slow, moving slow while some people have to deal with it even if they are running late because they don’t want to disrespect.

The traffic that’s getting worst and worst.

The super slow internet that make things slower and spend more time waiting, paying for not so “unlimited” promos, not providing decent internet and empty batteries, more energy consumed when you haven’t even able to open a single article.

Philippines is a paradise. Let’s give justice to that. I know we can do better than this. Let’s save time and make things easy for all of us. Use your voice, your creativity and your passionate love for life.  

We can make a difference. 

I wish we all work together, not just talking about it but never really put actions. 

Don’t be scared to use your common sense. 

Let me share you a story about a farmer.

“One windy day, the farmer decided to tie his hat with a string around his neck to prevent his hat getting carried by the wind.

The hat flew out but remained up high.

He realized he can actually make something fly. 

He took out longer string and created a stable shape that can take the direction of the wind and fly higher.

The first time it was rotating but he kept trying. Tried to check which ones making it heavy, which ones needed to change until he found the right balance. And not so long the thing started to fly. 

It was still and higher than he expected. 

A king found out they could use such thing for winning the war and so they created more of them but with their own versions. 

It also didn’t just reach the skies, win the war, but it reached me when I was a kid until this present generation.

I made my own version of a kite and I didn’t know where I got the idea, where it came from but I was able to create one.

To all Filipinos: let’s get up together.


 My dear country, Philippines.

Imagine if each and everyone of us promote our own beautiful islands, all those wonders we have? Mountains. Sweet appealing people, religious and traditional. We have the perfect oriental mixes, unlimited source of energies and the kind of climate every countries wished they had.

We have everything we need.

Do you even know the reason why people from expensive places in the world come to the Philippines? Maybe you’re stupid enough to not see that. 

Up to now, I still get crazy to think why do we belong to the third world?

 Look at yourself, I believe you had a dream. What did you do to make it happen? Did you just give up because your parents couldn’t support you? Was it because of our crap system?

The reality is that, they don’t matter because it’s up to you.

Enough of blaming others. When you fall, blaming won’t help you get up. Failures win because we let them. Life treat us shit because we have given up ourselves. No matter what situations we are in, we have to fight face to face. We cannot keep blaming other people for our misfortunes. We cannot just shut our mouth when it’s time to fight. No one is responsible but ourselves in making our world different.

  What do you do to help this country? Are you one of those who sympathized kids knocking on your windows and surprised to see an expat giving them food? What do you do to hungry people? For sure, you’re going to tell me that you have to look after yourself first and because these kids are not trustworthy. They might steal from you. They just do drugs, they work for syndicates, their parents are lazy. So what? The intention is to help them right? Whatever happens after that won’t turn them into bad people. This little ways are not enough compared to all the things they are going through. We show no mercy, that’s why they never learned it.

  So many of you don’t care about each other because you practiced yourselves not to care anymore. You already got used to it. It’s all about own personal benefits. Making sure you’re doing better. Wait til people commit mistakes and be with them when you know you can suck something. 

Help people who doesn’t really need help. Accompany people who doesn’t need company. Sympathize people who doesn’t need sympathy and yet, make an effort to criticized people who are struggling with self esteem to have better choices in life. 

Look down as if you’re above. Make them feel uncomfortable, embarrass them, just do things that doesn’t make sense because you think you’re better and always have something unnecessary to say. You brag about your expensive possessions but you are not proud of your imperfections, your personal history, who you are and what you are.

Why put effort in such things when you can’t extend your arm when someone needs a lift.

Aside from all that crap, you are probably one of those people who just find someone who can change your life by riding on people’s luck and when you do that ofcourse, it’s going to be hard for you to genuinely express yourself because people like you doesn’t really know what hardwork means, and mostly, the empty cans creates the loudest noise. 

Guess what? Eventually, you’re gonna get sick of living a lie, owning somethings that doesn’t really belong to you. 

No one is responsible of your own life. All you need to do is to act as a human being. 

Our parents play a big role in bringing us a brighter future, educate not jutbteach about sense of responsibilities, values and what it really means to be parents that it’s not just one of those dramas on televisions or something you can post on your status. 

Make more babies, doesn’t consider the financial capacities.

Bringing more cars, no mater how many more roads to make won’t stop traffic.


Are you going to repeat the same cycle? It’s up to you.

Who are you waiting for? Are you waiting for what the heavens will drop on your table? You’re impossible. You have to go find your own treasure. You need to learn to stand on your own feet. 

Wealthy people have what they have not from sleeping all day while you were busy blaming the system. 

They are not better than you.

 The only difference is that, they take a step to make their plans turn into reality. You have everything you need. You’re just one lazy ass depending on the easiest way out. You’ve got to play your card to change them into something new.

 What you make is yours. 

That’s why, for the government; if you want this country become better, please…take care of your people. 

Education is a right and it should be free because they are going to be the same people to take over this country in 20 years. 

Fix our public schools, make enough room and better quality educations to accommodate all the children.

Don’t expect this country to get better or it surely will get even worst if you don’t help your own people. 

No wonder why same families are ruling this country because they are the only ones who can afford to study or even go to the most expensive schools abroad. 

For the church mingling with how the government should lead this country; there’s a reason why religion and state are two different things. Let the government do their job and your job is to guide your members and stop imposing which one is right and wrong. 

I’m not trying to disrespect any religion because I do believe in God and his greatness. I just want to say that I know my God is a humble God and He would never want His people to pay their tithes just to go your fancy churches knowing that there are so many homeless people sleeping along the streets. 

Our body is the temple, the church of God.

 If you respect God, going in the middle of the national high way, bringing the priest on demonstrations, causing more struggles for the normal people trying to change their lives doesn’t make any sense.

This thing with the church and the government happened long time ago, let’s not repeat it again.

Religions brainwashing their members who to vote through Sunday homilies and making connections with these government officials, mentioning those names of those who gave their tithings and offerings, creating intentions won’t help you get to heaven.

And to those people who never gets satisfied…How much more money do you need to put to sleep in your banks? Make sure to carry it all with you when you die.  

There’s a simple philosophy and that is KINDNESS.

Let’s help each other. We have to learn to make people feel good about themselves and inspire each other to work hard and change their lives instead of criticizing them. We don’t have to give money or feed them everyday to help, we just have to be kind to one another including strangers.

Don’t be selfish. There’s more than money in the “Treasure bank.”

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Forney: Filipino Women as sex objects in Asian Ghetto, Ansabeh??

I was trying to search Filipino characteristics and ended up on a blog describing Filipino women as sex objects and other more insulting comments coming from this God-looking guy. I was like.. What the Fuck? SMH.

captured from my camera from Matt Forney's blog.
captured from my camera from Matt Forney’s blog.





Filipino women are a blend of Spanish, Japanese and Chinese. They are claimed by the western men to be the best Asian women because of their Oriental and Spanish blood. They cook amazing dishes and can speak very good English. Foreign men marrying a Filipina would always have money issues with the families because of their sharing culture. They were raised to be compassionate and selfless.

Filipino culture even though we are still on the process of developing our laid-back characteristics makes our women easier to fall to among other women. First it’s not only that Filipino Women are naturally caring and passionate about their families but also possesses natural attractiveness that makes them more magnetic to men who are exhausted of women being obsessed with all the gender equality issues and motions, riding carousel horses.

Women all over the world possesses remarkable qualities like intelligence, independence, empowerment or in short the ‘modern woman’ climbing the corporate ladder. Most men prefer to settle with women who value families and motherhood. Filipinos can make great wives as I have met lots of Foreign who are happily married to their Filipino wives. They say Filipinos can create happy homes as western men adore them by their natural attractiveness, fertility, sharing and caring qualities. They gentle-spoken and try to be by no means of dispute just to avoid having arguments in public because it’s not very lady like. Filipino women were taught at home and at school with proper manners and right conduct that’s why they are very polite and kind. Values for Filipinos are very important. 

Filipino women give until they have nothing left for themselves especially when it’s for the sake of their families. Even though every women strive to live the women’s dream of independence in the Philippines, Filipino women look for every ways to help families get out of the chaotic life. Filipino women are not greedy and still keep this laid-back Filipina characteristics inside them like being on-hand taking care of the family and letting the males be the male as they need to be. Filipino women will do anything for their children even if it means working abroad cleaning toilets or taking care of strangers living in a more fortunate country.

Most Filipina women can easily fall to men who are passionate, sincere, caring, and dependable despite of the age gaps. Filipino women fall to caucasians because they make them feel beautiful and they give them new definition of love, they take care of them, they help them get up, they bring them positive hopes in life and treat them as a woman. In return, they do their best to be the best wives, they thank and love them, serve them with all their heart. Who wouldn’t fall to a man lifted you up like you are a precious gem that was placed in the mud? It’s not easy to teach the heart. Some people just couldn’t help but to judge every couple who have big age differences together. Wake up, there are prostitutes and gold-diggers everywhere. It’s very mediocre to think that some people actually believed they are better just because they are living in a society with full of hypocrisy. Society that set rules and limit them to do what other people are not scared to do.

We are different but we are not better. Above all, Filipino women just like any other women, they also also make decisions that a lot of people won’t understand. It’s the society who wants to understand everything in the world and scared of the things that they don’t understand.

And I’m a Filipina, I’m proud to be one of THEM.