Existential Crisis: 5 Things to Turn Your Life around.

Sometime in life, we all experience bitterness, discomfort and internal suffering. Confused, stuck somewhere in between everything and struggle to keep on. But the beauty of being in this situation is the chance to take charge of your own life. To leave unnecessary things behind and only take what you need -the real you. And this is enough reason why you should turn your life around. What else can you lose? There’s only things to gain. These ideas might help you turn your life around.


The way to Yudanaka

We have arrived at Yudanaka Station after having an amazing 50 minute of watching the beautiful mountain sceneries through the windows of the train from Nagano Station. There were apple farms, colorful and breath-taking landscapes. I didn’t even realize that we have arrived already at


“There are splashes of milk moving in slow motion across the sky. The water is alive and it’s coming back and forth like it’s showing me a simple philosophy in life. It feels like I am back in the old days when my eyes were still focused and I see the colors of the world clearer and more vibrant. 

    I was sitting in between the pink sky and the green mountains. The whole universe is smiling at me. I am satisfied.”